Pinot 6 Pack - Attack of the Clones

Pinot 6 Pack - Attack of the Clones

Multiple Vintage Mix of Reds
Southern Highlands, New South Wales

2 bottles each of 777, MV6 and 114/5 Clones - These three Pinot Noir clones from 2019 all have very distinctly different and interesting characters. It’s a unique and rare opportunity to be able to compare them side by side.

$270 each


The 114/5 clone is light and floral with a complete palate that lingers gracefully.

The MV6 clone, or ‘’Mothervine’’, was the original Pinot Noir clone and the one that all other clones are derived from. It has abundant plums and cherries and has a vibrant purple hue.

The 777 clone is the richest of the three and has earthy mushroom undertones.

All three of these wines are components of our reserve Hayden Pinot Noir that recently won the trophy for Best Altitude Pinot Noir in Australia, and were all awarded individual Gold Medals as well.

Wine Details


Southern Highlands


Multiple Vintage

Mix Type

Mix of Reds

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